Feng Shui For Your Bedroom: What To Do & What Not To Do

    • From over 500 bedrooms I have been in (as a feng shui consultant), only a few would be considered good feng shui bedrooms and were actually conducive to a balanced and vibrant flow of love and sexual energy. Somehow the bedroom tends to be one of the most overlooked rooms in the house, while it is actually the most important room, feng shui-wise. To make it easier to understand the main factors that create bad feng shui energy in the bedroom, I have written this quick feng shui how-to for your bedroom that I hope you will never follow. It has a humorous tone; hope it helps you quickly learn what not to do!  
    • 02of 11   Home Office in Your Bedroom    Eric Raptosh Photography/Getty Create a home office in your bedroom. Be especially mindful of having all surfaces overflowing with papers, folders, sticky notes, and unpaid bills. If you have any old computers that do not work, it is ideal to have them in your bedroom home office. You know, in case your current computer malfunctions and you will immediately need your old broken one.  
    • 03of 11   Exercise Equipment    Angela Wyant/Getty Bring on your exercise equipment!  A treadmill in your bedroom will definitely energize your love life and bring serenity and sensual energy to your bedroom. What can be more zen than that? The bigger and bulkier your exercise equipment, the better, especially if it is covered with dust because you never really use it. Excellent feng shui.  
    • 04of 11   TV in Your Bedroom    ZenShui/Frederic Chirou Bring the TV into your bedroom. A big one, placed very close to your bed.  The TV is an absolute must for a bad feng shui bedroom! Watch the news for at least 30 min every night right before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up.   
    • 05of 11   Family Photos    Chris Windsor/Getty Display a big collection of photos of ALL your friends and family, ideally from several generations, to “watch over your love life”. After all, why would you need privacy in your bedroom?   
    • 06of 11   Old Memorabilia    John Slater/Getty Store under your bed the old memorabilia from all your past relationships, especially the sad ones. Tuck all those important reminders really tight so there is no breathing room left under your bed, and then tuck some more.  
    • 07of 11   Drury Colors    Cultura RM\Philipp Nemenz Decorate your bedroom in depressing, sad colors. For a splash of color, get creative with your Halloween costumes and accessories here and there, or a touch of that special green from last year’s St. Patrick’s party.   
    • 08of 11   Dying Plants    Patrick Struttner/Getty Bring all your dying plants, big and small, be it in chipped pots or yogurt containers. Your bedroom is the place to have them! Position the plants so that you can see them first thing when you wake up and the last thing before you go to sleep. Might be a bit of a competition here from either the TV, the computer(s) or the exercise equipment, but stay focused and do your best!  
    • 09of 11   Lack of Balance    Aylin Saglam/Getty Forget about two bedside tables, and have your bed against the wall. Gracefully place one cheerful Winnie the Pooh pillow on top of your bed. Position the pillow so that it faces the door and greets you every time you come in. Instant feng shui to boost your love life!  
    • 10of 11   No Fresh Energy   Do not open the windows or let the natural light in!. Keep the energy as stale as possible. After all, who says your personal energy is connected to the energy around you? Stop talking about energy. Far out, man!  
    • 11of 11   Make a Choice   A couple of Mandarin ducks is ALL you need to make you love life work, right?  Now if you just find the right place to display them, then your soulmate, along with the happily ever after, will be here in no time. No kidding. Really? Ok, so if this does not sound attractive to you (we much hope it doesn’t!) learn some good feng shui tips to apply in your bedroom.

The bedroom should be a place of rest, romance, and relaxation—and nothing else. Since we tend to spend upward of eight hours a day in this sacred space, we should try to maximize its feng shui to its fullest potential.

Before getting started, I recommend a quick decluttering and energy clearing to bust through any negativity in the air. Consider burning sage, palo santo, or cedar. This will ensure that you have a fresh foundation on which to build the bedroom’s chi (life force energy). Now, let’s go over the most effective feng shui tweaks for your bedroom:

What to add to your bedroom to boost feng shui:

1. A soothing color scheme.

I always tell my clients to opt for wall colors that are skin tones to promote maximal rest. Off-white, creams, chocolate browns, and peach tones are great. These colors are thought to promote maximum sensuality and peaceful vibes. One word of caution: Don’t overdo it on the peach! It is thought to be very effective at attracting a partner—so effective that we need to use it with care. If you paint your whole bedroom in peach, chances are that you will attract someone, and then someone else, and someone else… If you’re married, you might attract unwanted attention. Consider instead using peach as an accent tone on pillows, throws, and small objects. While accent walls and wallpapers can be tempting, they should be kept to a minimum and also have gentle colors and limited patterns.


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